Ad Testing Using Omniture Test&Target

In this episode of EmptyMind TV, you’ll learn how to use Omniture’s Test & Target to test different versions of an ad and also how to dynamically update landing pages to match the ad experience. * For best results view in HD
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Beyond Web Analytics Interview: Segmentation on Membership Sites

Recently, I sat down with the guys at Beyond Web Analytics to discuss the art of segmentation. [gplayer href="http://emptymind.org/Episode-19.mp3" ] Beyond Web Analytics Episode 19 [/gplayer] If you are into analytics and measurement, the Beyond Web Analytics podcast series is a must listen.
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Integrating Visual Website Optimizer with Omniture SiteCatalyst

If you haven’t heard of Visual Website Optimizer then I suggest you go check them out now. Do it. Go! Check them out, then come back and read the rest of this post. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), currently in beta, is poised to be a real player in the optimization space. Their elegant design and drop-dead simple approach to designing, launching, and monitoring tests is just sexy, I don’t know how else to
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Amadesa & Omniture Integration

Over a year ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Amadesa about creating an integration between their testing platform and Omniture SiteCatalyst/Discover.  Having used Amadesa for A|B testing, I was happy with the reporting they provided but I was always finding myself wanting more.  I wanted the ability to further dig into the performance of tests I was running using Omniture Discover in order to find hidden gems
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2012: A Lesson for Analysts

We tend to gravitate to the sensational, hence why nightly news shows are filled with stories of rape and murder and conspiracy, we know deep down it’s wrong, yet we can’t look away. When we get sucked into this world of mystery and intrigue, we tend to throw out logic and believe anything that is flashed before our eyes. Welcome 2012. The year the world will end. Well, according to popular Mayan belief.
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Integrate Test&Target with Omniture SiteCatalyst

Step 1: Update your s_code.js file with the Omniture TnT Integration Plugin – Version 1.0 * TNT Integration Plugin v1.0 */ s.trackTNT = new Function("v", "p", "b", "" + "var s=this,n='s_tnt',p=p?p:n,v=v?v:n,r='',pm=false,b=b?b:true;if(s." + "getQueryParam){pm=s.getQueryParam(p);}if(pm){r+=(pm+',');}if(s.wd[v" + "]!=undefined){r+=s.wd[v];}if(b){s.wd[v]='';}return r;"); Step 2: Determine if you will include the i
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