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Beyond Web Analytics Interview: Segmentation on Membership Sites

Recently, I sat down with the guys at Beyond Web Analytics to discuss the art of segmentation. [gplayer href="http://emptymind.org/Episode-19.mp3" ] Beyond Web Analytics Episode 19 [/gplayer] If you are into analytics and measurement, the Beyond Web Analytics podcast series is a must listen.
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Launch Omniture Discover 2.9 from the Desktop

1. Save the Discover JNLP file to your desktop 2. Edit the JNLP file using your favorite text editor 3. Delete the ‘token’ argument 4. Insert a ‘password’ argument, below the ‘user’ argument, and enter your password 5. Save the JNLP file. Double click your desktop icon. That is all there is to it.
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Understanding The ‘Fall Out’ Report in Omniture Discover

A. The percentages in column A represent the conversion rate for each step relative to the entry point into the funnel. In the example, the 1.19% conversion rate for ‘Compose Message’ is calculated as ‘Visits to Message Compose / Visits to Central’ — in the context of the path: ‘Central’ to ‘Advanced Search’ to ‘Compose Message’. B. The first conversio
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Integrate Test&Target with Omniture SiteCatalyst

Step 1: Update your s_code.js file with the Omniture TnT Integration Plugin – Version 1.0 * TNT Integration Plugin v1.0 */ s.trackTNT = new Function("v", "p", "b", "" + "var s=this,n='s_tnt',p=p?p:n,v=v?v:n,r='',pm=false,b=b?b:true;if(s." + "getQueryParam){pm=s.getQueryParam(p);}if(pm){r+=(pm+',');}if(s.wd[v" + "]!=undefined){r+=s.wd[v];}if(b){s.wd[v]='';}return r;"); Step 2: Determine if you will include the i
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Launch Omniture Discover from the Desktop

I never use SiteCatalyst. Well, let me take that back, I use SiteCatalyst if I need to access the Admin Console and if I have SiteCatalyst open I’ll launch Discover from there because it drives me crazy to have to enter my password every time. I finally got around to making it so I can launch Discover directly from my desktop without having to enter my password every freaking time. 1. Save the Discover JNLP fil
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