dSLRs, Holgas, and Web Analytics (A Story of Multiplicity)

A few years back, I remember reading a blog post by Avinash Kaushik on the subject of Multiplicity. In theory, I completely agreed with the idea of multiplicity however in practice, I found myself being a laser beam for all things Omniture. I was the perfect case study for the “single source of truth” model. I found myself sitting in strategy meetings where analytics was being discussed and I found myself
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Yahoo Web Analytics WordPress Plug-in from Rudi Shumpert

Even for amateur blog authors, understanding your site traffic is critical to building a site that provides information and services that people are asking for.  Even if you are just blogging about your kids soccer game, understanding where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing on the site can not only prove interesting but may help you target your posts for your most faithful readers. Google Analytics
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2012: A Lesson for Analysts

We tend to gravitate to the sensational, hence why nightly news shows are filled with stories of rape and murder and conspiracy, we know deep down it’s wrong, yet we can’t look away. When we get sucked into this world of mystery and intrigue, we tend to throw out logic and believe anything that is flashed before our eyes. Welcome 2012. The year the world will end. Well, according to popular Mayan belief.
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Understanding The ‘Fall Out’ Report in Omniture Discover

A. The percentages in column A represent the conversion rate for each step relative to the entry point into the funnel. In the example, the 1.19% conversion rate for ‘Compose Message’ is calculated as ‘Visits to Message Compose / Visits to Central’ — in the context of the path: ‘Central’ to ‘Advanced Search’ to ‘Compose Message’. B. The first conversio
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Sexy Subject Lines

Did I catch your attention? Email subject lines are a critical part of any good marketing plan and should be tested, tested, tested. However, I fear the conversion funnel of Send–>Open–>Click–>Conversion is typically overlooked in our fast paced, get it done and out the door now, world of online business. I recently received an email from Threadsy, touting the new features of their “a
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Integrate Test&Target with Omniture SiteCatalyst

Step 1: Update your s_code.js file with the Omniture TnT Integration Plugin – Version 1.0 * TNT Integration Plugin v1.0 */ s.trackTNT = new Function("v", "p", "b", "" + "var s=this,n='s_tnt',p=p?p:n,v=v?v:n,r='',pm=false,b=b?b:true;if(s." + "getQueryParam){pm=s.getQueryParam(p);}if(pm){r+=(pm+',');}if(s.wd[v" + "]!=undefined){r+=s.wd[v];}if(b){s.wd[v]='';}return r;"); Step 2: Determine if you will include the i
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