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Validating Page Tags with HttpFox

Whether you are validating the deployment of a new measurement solution, testing enhanced page tracking, or debugging an issue with your site, having quick access to the data your site measurement tool is collecting is a must. I have used debugger tools provided by the web analytics vendors, I have used network analyzers like Charles, Ethereal, and Wireshark and tools built specifically for web analytics like WASP. H
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dSLRs, Holgas, and Web Analytics (A Story of Multiplicity)

A few years back, I remember reading a blog post by Avinash Kaushik on the subject of Multiplicity. In theory, I completely agreed with the idea of multiplicity however in practice, I found myself being a laser beam for all things Omniture. I was the perfect case study for the “single source of truth” model. I found myself sitting in strategy meetings where analytics was being discussed and I found myself
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2012: A Lesson for Analysts

We tend to gravitate to the sensational, hence why nightly news shows are filled with stories of rape and murder and conspiracy, we know deep down it’s wrong, yet we can’t look away. When we get sucked into this world of mystery and intrigue, we tend to throw out logic and believe anything that is flashed before our eyes. Welcome 2012. The year the world will end. Well, according to popular Mayan belief.
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Web Analytics “Experts”

Why does everyone with a WordPress blog and a Google Analytics account all of a sudden think they are experts in the field of web analytics? I have never been one to heavily self market or promote myself, so perhaps because of that choice I don’t have the right to complain, but this is my blog and I can do what I want. It frustrates me to no end to see people, whom in my opinion, are given undo credit, opportun
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