Improve Your Product Through (Negative) Feedback

In grad school, I took a class on the management style of Machiavelli’s The Prince vs. the management style of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.  I had always been drawn to Eastern philosophies and the words of the Tao spoke my language.  I was hooked. Over the past couple of days, I have had numerous conversations with friends, colleagues, and industry experts, that have caused me to take pause and reevaluate the
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How Twitter Saved Qwest a Customer

For 3 days, I was unable to access my FTP server on GoDaddy and I was starting to panic.  I begrudgingly reached for the phone and dialed their support number (a toll number at that). After a 15 minute wait and a 45 minute phone call, it was determined that the problem either was on my end or with my ISP. GoDaddy’s suggestion “contact your ISP”. My first step was to send an email, explaining the com
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Delivering Honesty

There have been times where, I wouldn’t say I have been asked to fake the numbers but, I have felt like I needed to make my analysis support a desired outcome. As analysts we serve as independent and impartial investigators, whose goal is to deliver insight and analysis to our various customers so that they in-turn can make educated decisions about the future of their products. If we fall into the trap of sculp
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Kill the Office

Companies use office real estate as a means of maintaining a sort of social order. It doesn’t take an advanced degree in deductive logic to observe this sacred, yet often unspoken ritual. Look around, when was the last time you saw a CEO sporting a tricked out cubical? Now the social order goes something like this. The Executive The Executive is typically reserved for your upper crust of the corporate elite, yo
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What’s your back-up plan for when Omniture becomes Adobe?

I had an interesting marketing slick in my eMail this morning from Coremetrics asking the question ‘What’s your back-up plan for when Omniture becomes Adobe?’. Maybe it’s part of being the top dog but I’ve seen companies like Coremetrics and Unica, rather than marketing their value, market against Omniture. It’s like high school all over again, make someone else look bad so in rela
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Omniture ClickMap & s_ObjectID

I recently spoke with a friend of mine about my experience using Omniture’s ClickMap product and I thought it may be beneficial to others if I recorded my findings here. I feared the day that the executives at my company caught wind of the ClickMap tool, it was my experience when I worked at Omniture that executives would gloss over all the sweet features of SiteCatalyst and the sheer power of Discover to droll
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Don’t Be a Corporate Douche Bag on Twitter

Ever since Shaq And Ashton made Twitter a household name, it seems like every celebrity and business entity out there is trying to cash in on the popularity of this social networking tool. I can hear the boardroom conversations now, “shit, we just got WordPress installed because they told us we needed a blog, now you are saying we need to create something called a Twitter account?” Most companies have no
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Web Analytics “Experts”

Why does everyone with a WordPress blog and a Google Analytics account all of a sudden think they are experts in the field of web analytics? I have never been one to heavily self market or promote myself, so perhaps because of that choice I don’t have the right to complain, but this is my blog and I can do what I want. It frustrates me to no end to see people, whom in my opinion, are given undo credit, opportun
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