Omniture Break Even Calculator

The Break Even Calculator calculates the $ value of visitors at a funnel conversion event. This value is then compared before and after a site revision or marketing event.

This can be done using a simple calculated metric in SiteCatalyst, however the Break Even Calculator goes one step further and calculates a break even point. What your conversion rate SHOULD be for revenue to break even or increase.

The Break Even Calculator will work for any conversion funnel on your site. As part of the installation process, start events and completion events can be defined. These events could be Omniture pre-defined events, custom events, or a combination of both. The conversion rates will be calculated using the two events selected by the end-user.

Current Version

Break Even Calculator v2.0

Version History

2.0 introduced enhanced charting capabilities, UI improvements, and support for multiple conversion events.

1.0 is the initial public release of the Break Even Calculator. This version is completely customizable for any existing Omniture SiteCatalyst customer. See the readme.rtf doc for installation instructions and customization options.


For any technical questions about the application, to report a bug, or to suggest future enhancements, please contact: jthomp@gmail.com

Date: May 27, 2012