ason is an experienced digital analyst & entrepreneur whose primary focus is on forcing organizations to think differently about the delivery of information, insight, and recommendations.

Recently, Jason co-founded 33 Sticks, an analytics boutique, advising Fortune 500 companies and partnering with unique, early-stage startups.

Previously, Jason served as Vice President of Strategy & Consulting at Keystone Solutions, where he drove overall analytic & optimization strategy, process, and organization. His personal passions include a love for cooking, a talent for playing bass guitar, and a unique interpretation on life through the art of photography.

Prior to joining Keystone Solutions, Jason was a Senior Consultant at Numeric Analytics. Before joining Numeric, Jason was Manager of Web Analytics for Spark Networks, where he crafted a world-class analytics practice.

Jason honed his digital analytics skills at Omniture, leading implementations for top clients, such as NBC Universal, MTV Networks, and Anheuser-Busch, as a Senior Implementation Consultant. Jason is a member of Adobe’s Customer Advisory Board and is routinely called upon to share his opinions as an industry expert.

Jason holds a B.S. in Information Systems and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from Utah State University.

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Omniture Tunes Out Customers With EnterpriseTV

Recently Omniture released EnterpriseTV which has been touted as “the fastest and most convienent means of learning how to use the Adobe Marketing Suite”, the problem is most customers don’t have access to it (for college sports fans in the Intermountain West, this may start to sound all too familiar). In 2006 the Mountain West Conference (MWC) announced a new television network dubbed “The Mt
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Beyond Web Analytics: Episode 33 – Career Development Series with Jason Thompson & Corry Prohens

In this episode, the first in our Career Development Series with IQ Workforce, the Beyond Web Analytics team, Jason Thompson, and Corry Prohens take part in a round table discussion based on the questions posted to the Web Analytics Contractors Facebook page. The questions tackled this episode are: →What web analytics related books are you reading now or would like to read? →What is your favorite web analytics blog t
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10 Question With Gabriele Endress

Gabriele Endress runs Endress|Analytics, an analytics consultancy based in Northern Colorado. If you have ever thought about becoming an independent measure consultant, than this interview is a must read. 1. What type of projects are you working on? GE: I am working on a variety of different projects for my primary client right now – creating tracking manifests for a couple of new sites, QA testing another one where
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10 Questions with Paull Young (charity: water)

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Paull, Director of Digital at charity: water, on a project for the Analysis Exchange.  Paull has an amazing amount of energy and passion for what he does.  In this interview Paull reflects on our project with the Analysis Exchange, his work at charity:water to provide clean drinking water to those in need, and his insights on the measurement industry. 1. How does web ana
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Fishing for Top Analytics Talent

What method is best for acquiring top analytics talent? As I have been thinking more and more about this question, two primary methods for acquiring talent have stood out to me. Large Net Fishing Casting nets is an extremely effective method for capturing a large volume of potential employees.  However, the problem with net fishing is that you have limited control over the type of people you bring in, so you end up i
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Are You Branding Your Internal Analytics Practice?

The first boss I had, after graduating college, taught me two* valuable lessons. Lesson 1: Invest wisely so that you can make a lot of money, in a relatively short amount of time, so that you can retire early and become a ski instructor in Austria. Lesson 2: You must treat internal customers like you would treat external customers.  They aren’t going to use your product just because you work for the same compan
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Social Networking Can’t Scale

I’ve determined that Social Networks (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, et al.) suck at creating and fostering relationships.  Why?  Because social networks amplify our already look at me, what’s in it for me, mentality. Case in point.  At one time in my life I was a huge Flickr user, no no, I was a Flickr addict.  I was checking Flickr probably 50 times a day, on a slow day.  Then the brilliant minds at Yahoo/F
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10 Questions with Rudi Shumpert

I first met Rudi through Twitter and later on we began to interact more and more as members of Omniture’s Customer Advisor Board.  Rudi is one of those rare talents who could be successful being the hardcore engineer or the rock star analyst but we are lucky that he has decided to wear both hats.  Join Rudi and I as we discuss developers, the analytics industry, and life. 1. As an experienced application develo
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XChange 2010 Recap

I was able to attend this year’s XChange conference held in beautiful Monterey, California thanks to the fine folks at Web Analytics Demystified. Going into the conference I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had a couple friends who were leading discussions, but this was the first conference of it’s kind that I had attended.  My previous analytics conference experience has been limited to large vendor c
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10 Questions with Eric Peterson

I’m blogging live from Monterey in preparation to rock the SOLD OUT 2010 XChange Conference. To get everyone in the measure mindset, we have 10 questions with Eric Peterson.  What better way to kick it off. 1.  You are involved in so many different areas of the measure industry, how are you balancing your time? EP: I’ve always been a multi-tasker and I am a night owl, so thanks to a few great partners and
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