ason is an experienced digital analyst & entrepreneur whose primary focus is on forcing organizations to think differently about the delivery of information, insight, and recommendations.

Recently, Jason co-founded 33 Sticks, an analytics boutique, advising Fortune 500 companies and partnering with unique, early-stage startups.

Previously, Jason served as Vice President of Strategy & Consulting at Keystone Solutions, where he drove overall analytic & optimization strategy, process, and organization. His personal passions include a love for cooking, a talent for playing bass guitar, and a unique interpretation on life through the art of photography.

Prior to joining Keystone Solutions, Jason was a Senior Consultant at Numeric Analytics. Before joining Numeric, Jason was Manager of Web Analytics for Spark Networks, where he crafted a world-class analytics practice.

Jason honed his digital analytics skills at Omniture, leading implementations for top clients, such as NBC Universal, MTV Networks, and Anheuser-Busch, as a Senior Implementation Consultant. Jason is a member of Adobe’s Customer Advisory Board and is routinely called upon to share his opinions as an industry expert.

Jason holds a B.S. in Information Systems and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from Utah State University.

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In this Tutorial, I will teach you how to setup paid search detection rules in Omniture SiteCatalyst.
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Let All Things Take Their Course

WOW!!!! It’s been a long, eventful, and stressful couple of weeks. Last week was Omniture Summit and it was amazing. I was fortunate to be included in two session as part of the Analytics All-Stars breakout session. I met a lot of amazing people. I had many wonderful and insightful conversations, many of those taking place in the Gibson Girl Lounge. I got my photo taken with Brett Error inside a photo booth at
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Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, Vote Analysis Exchange

The inaugural edition of the WAA Awards for Excellence is just right around the corner. If you are a member of the Web Analytics Association and you haven’t cast your vote then please consider voting for Analysis Exchange as the Most Influential Agency/Vendor. The requirements to be considered Most Influential Agency/Vendor center around the creation of content in the form of white papers and webcasts, which I&
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Using Charles Map Local

Learn how to use the Charles Map Local function to debug client code. →Charles: Download a free trial of Charles here. →s.apl Utility Function: [javascript] /* * Utility Function: apl */ s.apl=new Function(“L”,”v”,”d”,”u”,”" +”var s=this,m=0;if(!L)L=”;if(u){var i,n,a=s.split(L,d);for(i=0;i +”length;i++){n=a[i];m=m||(u==1?(n==v):(n.toLowerCase()==
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Introducing: Web Analytics TV

What is it? Web Analytics TV is a free collection of video tutorials made by and for the members of the digital measurement community. Our goal is to create an ever expanding library of videos that span vendors and disciplines. These tutorials aren’t made by professional training organizations, they are compiled by practitioners who are down in the trenches everyday. To get updates on the latest tutorials, be s
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Using Omniture’s Link Handler Plug-in

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Omniture’s Link Handler Plug-in to capture additional data to describe links that are being clicked on. Special thanks to Andreas Dierl Code Mentioned [javascript] /* * Plugin: linkHandler 0.5 – identify and report custom links */ s.linkHandler=new Function(“p”,”t”,”" +”var s=this,h=s.p_gh(),i,l;t=t?t:’o';if(!h||(s.linkTy
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