ason is an experienced digital analyst & entrepreneur whose primary focus is on forcing organizations to think differently about the delivery of information, insight, and recommendations.

Recently, Jason co-founded 33 Sticks, an analytics boutique, advising Fortune 500 companies and partnering with unique, early-stage startups.

Previously, Jason served as Vice President of Strategy & Consulting at Keystone Solutions, where he drove overall analytic & optimization strategy, process, and organization. His personal passions include a love for cooking, a talent for playing bass guitar, and a unique interpretation on life through the art of photography.

Prior to joining Keystone Solutions, Jason was a Senior Consultant at Numeric Analytics. Before joining Numeric, Jason was Manager of Web Analytics for Spark Networks, where he crafted a world-class analytics practice.

Jason honed his digital analytics skills at Omniture, leading implementations for top clients, such as NBC Universal, MTV Networks, and Anheuser-Busch, as a Senior Implementation Consultant. Jason is a member of Adobe’s Customer Advisory Board and is routinely called upon to share his opinions as an industry expert.

Jason holds a B.S. in Information Systems and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from Utah State University.

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Custom Omniture Dashboards: Part 1 – Getting the Data

Back in April I wrote a blog post titled ‘Analytics All-Stars: Create Custom Dashboards Using APIs.’ The post described the high-level framework needed to create actionable dashboards outside of the SiteCatalyst interface. After publishing the post, I received comments from several people asking for more detailed instructions on how to create custom dashboards, so I decided to create a 3 part series detai
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Failure is an opportunity

Failure is an opportunity. If you blame someone else, there is no end to the blame. Therefore the Master fulfills her own obligations and corrects her own mistakes. She does what she needs to do and demands nothing of others. ~Tao Te Ching
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Mobcast: Valued Customer Service to Bagging Your own Groceries!

On todays show we discuss measurement as it relates to customer service and aspects of social media. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments as we strive to make the show better every week. This week Michele Hinojosa joins us….. so that makes things better already! Direct Download Link Podcast RSS Feed Segment One – Customer Service – Is it measurable? 1:00 – Michele Hinojosa joins
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Analytics and Social within the organization, a mystery yet to be solved?

Wow, today’s podcast reached pretty deep into organizational structure, the value of data, social media integration, proof of value case studies and more! We really could have broke this up into a few Mob Casts! Find the show notes below for a snapshot of the show: Direct Download Link 1:00 min: Social Media & Web Metrics — Stuck in Silo’s 6:00 min: How does leadership effect the use of data acr
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The Measure MobCast

I’ve recently begun a new project, with a couple other buddies of mine, called the Measure MobCast. It’s a weekly podcast covering everything from traditional web analytics to marketing to social media and everything inbetween. The first two episodes of the podcast are already out: Influence, Lame Buzzword or Qualitative Metric? “On the inaugural launch of the Measure Mobcast we have a spirited disc
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Don’t Track Me, Dude!

All of us have opted-in to being tracked for an eternity. This opt-in decision was made for us the moment our parent’s decided to have sex or perhaps even earlier at the time of the Big Bang. Before you completely write this idea off as far fetched, give me a moment to try to explain. First, I think it is important to understand what we mean we we use the word ‘track.’ I believe when most people say
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Social Media Isn’t a Marketing Channel, Don’t Measure It Like One

Just because you “can’t allocate revenue” to each Social Media interaction, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. Social Media is just another location where your customers may or may not be. If they are there, then you should be there.
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Analytics All-Stars: Create Custom Dashboards Using APIs

At Omniture Summit 11, I was honored to be part of the Analytics All-Stars team. In the break-out session, I talked about how you can make use of APIs to create custom dashboards that drive action. One universal truth I have discovered, after working with many different companies to optimize their analytics practice, is that no two companies look at data exactly the same way. The major analytics players in today̵
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Analytics All-Stars: Think Before You Code

At Omniture Summit 11, I was honored to be part of the Analytics All-Stars team. One of the topics I covered in the break-out session was centered around the key things that should be done before you begin deploying tracking code. Getting access to a new analytics package is like unwrapping that shiny birthday present that has been sitting in the corner of the room. It’s very tempting to rip off the paper, tear
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WAA: This is OUR Association

To the outgoing members of the WAA board, I’d like to personally thank each and everyone of you for the countless hours you have dedicated to this important effort for our community. There is no way I can fully understand the personal sacrifices you have endured as one of the trail blazers of the association. To the remaining members of the WAA board, I’d also like to personally thank you for your service
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