ason is an experienced digital analyst & entrepreneur whose primary focus is on forcing organizations to think differently about the delivery of information, insight, and recommendations.

Recently, Jason co-founded 33 Sticks, an analytics boutique, advising Fortune 500 companies and partnering with unique, early-stage startups.

Previously, Jason served as Vice President of Strategy & Consulting at Keystone Solutions, where he drove overall analytic & optimization strategy, process, and organization. His personal passions include a love for cooking, a talent for playing bass guitar, and a unique interpretation on life through the art of photography.

Prior to joining Keystone Solutions, Jason was a Senior Consultant at Numeric Analytics. Before joining Numeric, Jason was Manager of Web Analytics for Spark Networks, where he crafted a world-class analytics practice.

Jason honed his digital analytics skills at Omniture, leading implementations for top clients, such as NBC Universal, MTV Networks, and Anheuser-Busch, as a Senior Implementation Consultant. Jason is a member of Adobe’s Customer Advisory Board and is routinely called upon to share his opinions as an industry expert.

Jason holds a B.S. in Information Systems and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from Utah State University.

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Omniture Report Suite Copy Checklist

The following item(s) should be evaluated: ▢ Internal Filters. Although Internal Filters are copied when using the ‘duplicate an existing report suite’ feature, Internal Filters will most likely need to be updated to reflect the new site URL(s). Contact Omniture Support: ▢ Date Warehouse ▢ GeoSegmentation ▢ VISTA Rules ▢ Discover ▢ IP Exclusions ▢ Visit/Visitor availability in Campaign, Products, Custom T
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Bring Back the Green!

Call me a sentimental geek (apologies Ryan Adams), call me naive, but I miss the Omniture I used to know. I understand things change and that clinging only brings suffering but why kill off a brand that worked so hard to establish itself? Each day that goes by, I see Adobe bastardizing the Omniture brand more and more. I’ve never run a successful business, I’ve never been asked to sit on any board of dire
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Understanding Test&Target’s ‘Deactivating an Mbox’ Functionality

As I was browsing the July 22, 2010 Product Release Notes from Omniture (Adobe Online Marketing Suite Powered by Omniture), one line stood out from all the rest. Users with approver privileges can deactivate requests from specified mboxes, or activate previously deactivated requests. One of the biggest selling points that optimization vendors like to use is “once deployed, you can operate without IT involvement
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Analysis Exchange

I recently finished up my first project as a volunteer at The Analysis Exchange. You can read about my experience on Eric Peterson’s Web Analytics Demystified Blog. If you are new to analytics or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend giving of your time to such a great cause.
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Omniture Image Request Length

Last week I saw several Tweets about the best way to determine the Omniture Image Request length. I’m not sure this is the “best way”, but this is a simple bookmark that I created to return the size of the request being sent to Omniture. [javascript] javascript:alert(eval(‘s_i_’+s.visitorNamespace+’.src.length’)); [/javascript] NOTE: This code only works for ‘H CodeR
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Optimization & The Beginner’s Mind

As we advance in our careers, regardless of our chosen profession, our thoughts and ideas become more ridged. The more I learn about testing & optimization, there fewer possibilities there are in my mind. I was reminded of this today when the kids came bursting through my office door, grinning from ear to ear, “dad…..dad”, they said as they tried to catch their breath, “one of the houses
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Beyond Web Analytics Interview: Segmentation on Membership Sites

Recently, I sat down with the guys at Beyond Web Analytics to discuss the art of segmentation. [gplayer href="http://emptymind.org/Episode-19.mp3" ] Beyond Web Analytics Episode 19 [/gplayer] If you are into analytics and measurement, the Beyond Web Analytics podcast series is a must listen.
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Are You Sharing Your Tribal Knowledge?

As many of you know, I recently stepped down from my position as Web Analytics Manager at Spark Networks to join Numeric Analytics. As I was beginning my transition, I was amazed at how much tribal knowledge was stuck in my head, it was the only place in the company that the knowledge lived. It quickly became apparent that I had failed at properly telling the story of web analytics. So I started asking myself the que
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Launch Omniture Discover 2.9 from the Desktop

1. Save the Discover JNLP file to your desktop 2. Edit the JNLP file using your favorite text editor 3. Delete the ‘token’ argument 4. Insert a ‘password’ argument, below the ‘user’ argument, and enter your password 5. Save the JNLP file. Double click your desktop icon. That is all there is to it.
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It’s 10:00 PM, Do You Know Where Your PPC Traffic Is?

I was recently working on a project to optimize a landing page that was targeted at paid traffic. The test results didn’t reveal anything of much interest however I was able to uncover a hidden gem in the data. By segmenting, by channel, the path behavior of visitors hitting the paid landing page, I discovered a large percentage of current members were coming back to the site from paid search. Using Omniture Di
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