Are Web Analysts Becoming the New IT?

I started out my career working in the IT department for a large networking company and during that time I watched IT go from being king of the castle, pre dot-com bubble burst, to a commodity, in a relatively short period of time.   Fast forward 15 years, the same warning signs that were there for the IT Professionals are once again appearing for the Web Analyst.   SUPERIORITY COMPLEX IT Professionals deve
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Introducing 33 Sticks

In 2004, I received a call from a friend that drastically changed the course of my career. At that time, I was looking for new opportunities, having spent the previous 6 years as a software developer, that would keep me challenged. “Dude, you should come work with us at Omniture, we are doing some really cool stuff here!” I’m pretty sure I responded with a “I’ve never heard of them”
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Thank You For Bringing Fresh Water To Ethiopia

Two years ago, I donated my birthday to charity: water and this morning I was greeted with news that the funds raised have been used to build a new fresh water well in the village of Gaday in Ethiopia. The well will provide clean drinking water to 300 people who previously walked over two hours to collect fresh water. Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality. Please visit the project page to learn m
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