Integrating Visual Website Optimizer with Omniture SiteCatalyst

If you haven’t heard of Visual Website Optimizer then I suggest you go check them out now. Do it. Go! Check them out, then come back and read the rest of this post. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), currently in beta, is poised to be a real player in the optimization space. Their elegant design and drop-dead simple approach to designing, launching, and monitoring tests is just sexy, I don’t know how else to
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Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Online Data

I was honored to participate in a webinar with Ian Michiels from the Aberdeen Group. Ian and I presented on digging deep below the surface to reveal hidden “gems” or opportunities to increase online conversions. For more information on Omniture’s webinar series and to view additional webinars, please visit Omniture.com
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Understanding Statistical Significance with Omniture Test&Target

Already 2010 is feeling like the year of optimization. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing conversations about A|B and MVT testing, optimizing conversion flows, and understanding statistical significance. When I first started running A|B tests, everything I did was on faith.  I had good intention, I measured all the key indicators, but I had no idea how to tackle the question of “yeah but, is it statistically s
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Integrate Test&Target with Omniture SiteCatalyst

Step 1: Update your s_code.js file with the Omniture TnT Integration Plugin – Version 1.0 * TNT Integration Plugin v1.0 */ s.trackTNT = new Function("v", "p", "b", "" + "var s=this,n='s_tnt',p=p?p:n,v=v?v:n,r='',pm=false,b=b?b:true;if(s." + "getQueryParam){pm=s.getQueryParam(p);}if(pm){r+=(pm+',');}if(s.wd[v" + "]!=undefined){r+=s.wd[v];}if(b){s.wd[v]='';}return r;"); Step 2: Determine if you will include the i
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