Supercharging Your Optimization Practice With Satellite

“Can we run 8-10 optimization campaigns concurrently?” It seems most executives must have attended the same optimization maturity workshop, as I’m often being approached by organizations, both large and small, to help them mature their optimization practices to a point where they are consistently running 8-10 optimization campaigns concurrently. What I have discovered is that most organizations are
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Test&Target Global mBox Strategy

A traditional Test&Target deployment requires individual mBoxes to be added to specific site content that has been identified for optimization. Example: &nbsp; <div class="mboxDefault"><img src="checkout.gif" alt="" /></div> <!--Create the Checkout Button mBox--> <script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[ mboxCreate('checkoutButton
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Test&Target Redirects & Referrers

A simple proof on how you can capture and report on the original referring information when deploying a Test&Target direct offer.
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Testing Dynamic Content Using Test&Target Widget Offers

Want to see how everything connects together? Watch this freaking awesome video. Want to know the details? Keep reading…. I recently was presented with an interesting problem: Return a chunk of content from a CMS based on the Offer that Test&Target served up to a visitor. After doing a little digging in Test&Target online help, I discovered Widget Offers, which are defined as “similar to a standar
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Injecting Search Keywords using Omniture Test&Target

In this episode of EmptyMind TV, you’ll learn how to use Omniture’s Test & Target to test if customizing a landing page by injecting a visitors search keywords will increase conversion rate. * For best results view in Full Screen HD Offer Code: <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- if (document.referrer && document.referrer!="") { if (document.r
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Ad Testing Using Omniture Test&Target

In this episode of EmptyMind TV, you’ll learn how to use Omniture’s Test & Target to test different versions of an ad and also how to dynamically update landing pages to match the ad experience. * For best results view in HD
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Understanding Test&Target’s ‘Deactivating an Mbox’ Functionality

As I was browsing the July 22, 2010 Product Release Notes from Omniture (Adobe Online Marketing Suite Powered by Omniture), one line stood out from all the rest. Users with approver privileges can deactivate requests from specified mboxes, or activate previously deactivated requests. One of the biggest selling points that optimization vendors like to use is “once deployed, you can operate without IT involvement
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Optimization & The Beginner’s Mind

As we advance in our careers, regardless of our chosen profession, our thoughts and ideas become more ridged. The more I learn about testing & optimization, there fewer possibilities there are in my mind. I was reminded of this today when the kids came bursting through my office door, grinning from ear to ear, “dad…..dad”, they said as they tried to catch their breath, “one of the houses
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It’s 10:00 PM, Do You Know Where Your PPC Traffic Is?

I was recently working on a project to optimize a landing page that was targeted at paid traffic. The test results didn’t reveal anything of much interest however I was able to uncover a hidden gem in the data. By segmenting, by channel, the path behavior of visitors hitting the paid landing page, I discovered a large percentage of current members were coming back to the site from paid search. Using Omniture Di
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