Omniture ClickMap Data Accuracy

I set out to test the data accuracy of Omniture’s ClickMap tool and the heat map tool offered by CrazyEgg. I quickly found it difficult and frustrating to run a clean test. So, I decided to simplify the test and measure the performance of each tool separately. I also want to be clear, that the point of this experiment is not to debate Omniture ClickMap vs. CrazyEgg. They are two separate products, with differen
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Amadesa & Omniture Integration

Over a year ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Amadesa about creating an integration between their testing platform and Omniture SiteCatalyst/Discover.  Having used Amadesa for A|B testing, I was happy with the reporting they provided but I was always finding myself wanting more.  I wanted the ability to further dig into the performance of tests I was running using Omniture Discover in order to find hidden gems
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Yahoo Web Analytics WordPress Plug-in from Rudi Shumpert

Even for amateur blog authors, understanding your site traffic is critical to building a site that provides information and services that people are asking for.  Even if you are just blogging about your kids soccer game, understanding where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing on the site can not only prove interesting but may help you target your posts for your most faithful readers. Google Analytics
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Integrate Test&Target with Omniture SiteCatalyst

Step 1: Update your s_code.js file with the Omniture TnT Integration Plugin – Version 1.0 * TNT Integration Plugin v1.0 */ s.trackTNT = new Function("v", "p", "b", "" + "var s=this,n='s_tnt',p=p?p:n,v=v?v:n,r='',pm=false,b=b?b:true;if(s." + "getQueryParam){pm=s.getQueryParam(p);}if(pm){r+=(pm+',');}if(s.wd[v" + "]!=undefined){r+=s.wd[v];}if(b){s.wd[v]='';}return r;"); Step 2: Determine if you will include the i
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Omniture ClickMap & s_ObjectID

I recently spoke with a friend of mine about my experience using Omniture’s ClickMap product and I thought it may be beneficial to others if I recorded my findings here. I feared the day that the executives at my company caught wind of the ClickMap tool, it was my experience when I worked at Omniture that executives would gloss over all the sweet features of SiteCatalyst and the sheer power of Discover to droll
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