WANTED: Additional Measurment Variables

Site measurement variables wanted! Would love to find gently used, in good condition site measurement conversion variables. If you have any that fit this description, please contact me with your asking price. Five years ago, I remember sitting around a conference room, laughing at the thought that anyone would ever need more than 20 custom conversion variables. Oh, how wrong I was. Today, with one of my Omniture impl
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2012: A Lesson for Analysts

We tend to gravitate to the sensational, hence why nightly news shows are filled with stories of rape and murder and conspiracy, we know deep down it’s wrong, yet we can’t look away. When we get sucked into this world of mystery and intrigue, we tend to throw out logic and believe anything that is flashed before our eyes. Welcome 2012. The year the world will end. Well, according to popular Mayan belief.
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Understanding The ‘Fall Out’ Report in Omniture Discover

A. The percentages in column A represent the conversion rate for each step relative to the entry point into the funnel. In the example, the 1.19% conversion rate for ‘Compose Message’ is calculated as ‘Visits to Message Compose / Visits to Central’ — in the context of the path: ‘Central’ to ‘Advanced Search’ to ‘Compose Message’. B. The first conversio
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Launch Omniture Discover from the Desktop

I never use SiteCatalyst. Well, let me take that back, I use SiteCatalyst if I need to access the Admin Console and if I have SiteCatalyst open I’ll launch Discover from there because it drives me crazy to have to enter my password every time. I finally got around to making it so I can launch Discover directly from my desktop without having to enter my password every freaking time. 1. Save the Discover JNLP fil
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