Build a Simple Heatmap Using R

Heatmaps have historically been given a bad name in the web analytics industry but they can be a powerful tool for data visualization. noun \ˈhētmap\ 1 a : A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a simple heatmap using R. NOTE: This tutorial assumes you already
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Revenue is the Ultimate (NOT THE ONLY) Measure

It’s important to measure the impact on revenue, it’s also equally important to measure everything else.
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Don’t Track Me, Dude!

All of us have opted-in to being tracked for an eternity. This opt-in decision was made for us the moment our parent’s decided to have sex or perhaps even earlier at the time of the Big Bang. Before you completely write this idea off as far fetched, give me a moment to try to explain. First, I think it is important to understand what we mean we we use the word ‘track.’ I believe when most people say
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Analytics All-Stars: Think Before You Code

At Omniture Summit 11, I was honored to be part of the Analytics All-Stars team. One of the topics I covered in the break-out session was centered around the key things that should be done before you begin deploying tracking code. Getting access to a new analytics package is like unwrapping that shiny birthday present that has been sitting in the corner of the room. It’s very tempting to rip off the paper, tear
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Referring Domains by Page & Page Views by Source (answers for @DanAdcock)

How can I see referrers to a specific page? The first thing you will need to do is create a correlation between Page Name and Referring Domain. 1. Log into SiteCatalyst 2. Access the Report Suite Manager found under the Admin link. 3. Select the report suite(s) you want to create the correlation for. 4. Click on Edit Settings–>Traffic–>Data Correlations 5. Add a 2-Item correlation as shown: By creat
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Analysis Exchange

I recently finished up my first project as a volunteer at The Analysis Exchange. You can read about my experience on Eric Peterson’s Web Analytics Demystified Blog. If you are new to analytics or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend giving of your time to such a great cause.
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Beyond Web Analytics Interview: Segmentation on Membership Sites

Recently, I sat down with the guys at Beyond Web Analytics to discuss the art of segmentation. [gplayer href="http://emptymind.org/Episode-19.mp3" ] Beyond Web Analytics Episode 19 [/gplayer] If you are into analytics and measurement, the Beyond Web Analytics podcast series is a must listen.
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Launch Omniture Discover 2.9 from the Desktop

1. Save the Discover JNLP file to your desktop 2. Edit the JNLP file using your favorite text editor 3. Delete the ‘token’ argument 4. Insert a ‘password’ argument, below the ‘user’ argument, and enter your password 5. Save the JNLP file. Double click your desktop icon. That is all there is to it.
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Guest Blogger: Dan Roden

Web Analytic Strategy: Moving Forward with First Downs Having been in the WA space for seven years now, both on the vendor side with Omniture and now on the client side managing a web analytics group, I have seen a broad spectrum of business requirements, implementations, reporting needs and analysis. I remember working with a major retailer and their massive pre-implementation documentation that outlined seemingly e
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