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10 Question With Gabriele Endress

Gabriele Endress runs Endress|Analytics, an analytics consultancy based in Northern Colorado. If you have ever thought about becoming an independent measure consultant, than this interview is a must read. 1. What type of projects are you working on? GE: I am working on a variety of different projects for my primary client right now – creating tracking manifests for a couple of new sites, QA testing another one where
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10 Questions with Paull Young (charity: water)

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Paull, Director of Digital at charity: water, on a project for the Analysis Exchange.  Paull has an amazing amount of energy and passion for what he does.  In this interview Paull reflects on our project with the Analysis Exchange, his work at charity:water to provide clean drinking water to those in need, and his insights on the measurement industry. 1. How does web ana
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10 Questions with Rudi Shumpert

I first met Rudi through Twitter and later on we began to interact more and more as members of Omniture’s Customer Advisor Board.  Rudi is one of those rare talents who could be successful being the hardcore engineer or the rock star analyst but we are lucky that he has decided to wear both hats.  Join Rudi and I as we discuss developers, the analytics industry, and life. 1. As an experienced application develo
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10 Questions with Eric Peterson

I’m blogging live from Monterey in preparation to rock the SOLD OUT 2010 XChange Conference. To get everyone in the measure mindset, we have 10 questions with Eric Peterson.  What better way to kick it off. 1.  You are involved in so many different areas of the measure industry, how are you balancing your time? EP: I’ve always been a multi-tasker and I am a night owl, so thanks to a few great partners and
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10 Questions with Adam Jenkins

Adam Jenkins is an analytics consultant working in NY. He is a husband and father of 2 little boys. He loves baseball, sailing and beat up old Mercedes diesels. He has worked on analytics data sets in Travel, E-Commerce, Publishing, and Manufacturing. If you cut him, he bleeds Omniture Green. 1. What got you started in web analytics? AJ: I have always loved to take things apart and figure out how they work. When I wa
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10 Questions with Jorgen Sorensen – @OmnitureCare 2.0

Back in February I decided to do a series of ’10 Questions with…’ posts. My first post was with Ben Gaines who helped make @OmnitureCare what it is today. Many of you know that Ben has moved on to a role in Product Management and so I thought who better to ask my next 10 questions to than Jorgen Sorensen, the new face of @OmnitureCare. 1. Were you a big Twitter user before you took this job? JS: Not
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10 Questions with Ben Gaines- @OmnitureCare 1.0

I think I have developed an unhealthy obsession with trying to understand how companies can harness the power of social media to better support their customers and create a sense of community and brand awareness. I have a laundry list of questions and I thought who better to start with then Ben Gaines, a.k.a. @OmnitureCare, the face of support and community at Omniture. 1. How did you get started using Twitter at Omn
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