Twitter Followers: Quantity vs. Quality

It makes me sad, and honestly a bit frustrated, that we are still debating quantity vs. quality when it comes to the number of followers any given person has amassed. Part of the reason we are still having this discussion is because there is still a large percentage of the population, in our single serving, fast food, news in 60 seconds world, that has lost the ability to look below the surface. They see a person wit
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Discovery Channel’s Social Reload Failure

Discovery Channel re-aired the 2012 season premier episode of their hit show, Deadliest Catch, in what they have called “Deadliest Catch: Social Reload.” The Reload episode is supposed to “go deeper than ever with fan tweets [and] interactive questions,” however the onscreen Tweets are impossible to read and it feels more like an episode of VH1′s Pop-Up Video circa 1996 then a well produ
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Social Media Isn’t a Marketing Channel, Don’t Measure It Like One

Just because you “can’t allocate revenue” to each Social Media interaction, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. Social Media is just another location where your customers may or may not be. If they are there, then you should be there.
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Social Networking Can’t Scale

I’ve determined that Social Networks (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, et al.) suck at creating and fostering relationships.  Why?  Because social networks amplify our already look at me, what’s in it for me, mentality. Case in point.  At one time in my life I was a huge Flickr user, no no, I was a Flickr addict.  I was checking Flickr probably 50 times a day, on a slow day.  Then the brilliant minds at Yahoo/F
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The Art of a Viral Campaign

This morning I awoke to a new campaign that was launched by the guys at Visual Website Optimizer and I was impressed. Let’s break down the campaign: The campaign landing page, in this instance a blog post, clearly provides incentive for visitors to engage in the campaign.  Take a look at the blog title, who doesn’t want to win $3000 worth of optimization services? The parameters of the campaign (the chall
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How Twitter Saved Qwest a Customer

For 3 days, I was unable to access my FTP server on GoDaddy and I was starting to panic.  I begrudgingly reached for the phone and dialed their support number (a toll number at that). After a 15 minute wait and a 45 minute phone call, it was determined that the problem either was on my end or with my ISP. GoDaddy’s suggestion “contact your ISP”. My first step was to send an email, explaining the com
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Sexy Subject Lines

Did I catch your attention? Email subject lines are a critical part of any good marketing plan and should be tested, tested, tested. However, I fear the conversion funnel of Send–>Open–>Click–>Conversion is typically overlooked in our fast paced, get it done and out the door now, world of online business. I recently received an email from Threadsy, touting the new features of their “a
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Don’t Be a Corporate Douche Bag on Twitter

Ever since Shaq And Ashton made Twitter a household name, it seems like every celebrity and business entity out there is trying to cash in on the popularity of this social networking tool. I can hear the boardroom conversations now, “shit, we just got WordPress installed because they told us we needed a blog, now you are saying we need to create something called a Twitter account?” Most companies have no
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