Analytics and Social within the organization, a mystery yet to be solved?

Wow, today’s podcast reached pretty deep into organizational structure, the value of data, social media integration, proof of value case studies and more! We really could have broke this up into a few Mob Casts! Find the show notes below for a snapshot of the show: Direct Download Link 1:00 min: Social Media & Web Metrics — Stuck in Silo’s 6:00 min: How does leadership effect the use of data acr
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The Measure MobCast

I’ve recently begun a new project, with a couple other buddies of mine, called the Measure MobCast. It’s a weekly podcast covering everything from traditional web analytics to marketing to social media and everything inbetween. The first two episodes of the podcast are already out: Influence, Lame Buzzword or Qualitative Metric? “On the inaugural launch of the Measure Mobcast we have a spirited disc
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Let All Things Take Their Course

WOW!!!! It’s been a long, eventful, and stressful couple of weeks. Last week was Omniture Summit and it was amazing. I was fortunate to be included in two session as part of the Analytics All-Stars breakout session. I met a lot of amazing people. I had many wonderful and insightful conversations, many of those taking place in the Gibson Girl Lounge. I got my photo taken with Brett Error inside a photo booth at
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Pitching or Hitting?

The following is a guest post from Dan Roden, Manager of Web Analytics at MLB.com. ————————– I have been on the baseball scene for years, since my tee ball years into college and eventually working for Major League Baseball managing their Web Analytic program. Baseball is the ultimate “stats” sport. No other sport provides its fan base with more discussion/measure
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Fishing for Top Analytics Talent

What method is best for acquiring top analytics talent? As I have been thinking more and more about this question, two primary methods for acquiring talent have stood out to me. Large Net Fishing Casting nets is an extremely effective method for capturing a large volume of potential employees.  However, the problem with net fishing is that you have limited control over the type of people you bring in, so you end up i
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Are You Sharing Your Tribal Knowledge?

As many of you know, I recently stepped down from my position as Web Analytics Manager at Spark Networks to join Numeric Analytics. As I was beginning my transition, I was amazed at how much tribal knowledge was stuck in my head, it was the only place in the company that the knowledge lived. It quickly became apparent that I had failed at properly telling the story of web analytics. So I started asking myself the que
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Improve Your Product Through (Negative) Feedback

In grad school, I took a class on the management style of Machiavelli’s The Prince vs. the management style of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.  I had always been drawn to Eastern philosophies and the words of the Tao spoke my language.  I was hooked. Over the past couple of days, I have had numerous conversations with friends, colleagues, and industry experts, that have caused me to take pause and reevaluate the
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How Twitter Saved Qwest a Customer

For 3 days, I was unable to access my FTP server on GoDaddy and I was starting to panic.  I begrudgingly reached for the phone and dialed their support number (a toll number at that). After a 15 minute wait and a 45 minute phone call, it was determined that the problem either was on my end or with my ISP. GoDaddy’s suggestion “contact your ISP”. My first step was to send an email, explaining the com
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Delivering Honesty

There have been times where, I wouldn’t say I have been asked to fake the numbers but, I have felt like I needed to make my analysis support a desired outcome. As analysts we serve as independent and impartial investigators, whose goal is to deliver insight and analysis to our various customers so that they in-turn can make educated decisions about the future of their products. If we fall into the trap of sculp
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