Talented People Collaborate

It’s no fluke that the most talented among us are the most likely to collaborate. Talented people know the secret that the more you give, the more you receive. Unfortunately, those who are in the most need of collaboration, are the ones who fall into the trap that “if I can only hoard all my knowledge, I will become indispensable.”  However, knowledge can not be hoarded, you can’t keep knowled
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Start Falling On Your Ass

When I was 6. My mom dropped me off at the base of Powder Mountain and said “have fun, I’ll see you tonight.” My ski instructor taught me some of the basics and soon enough I was snow plowing down the bunny hill like an old pro. After one exceptionally fantastic run, I made it to the bottom of the hill with a huge smile on my face, expecting to see the same matching smile on my instructor’s fa
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You Are Making A Difference

There seems to be a popular sermon going around that if you aren’t constantly climbing your way up the corporate ladder, then you don’t have any real influence and you aren’t able to effect change. Bullshit! It is often those leaders who don’t hold the official title that are impacting the most change in organizations. If you are hyper focused on making the next leap up in leadership so you ca
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Guest Post: Thoughts on Teaching Passion

I am very honored to present this guest post, written by Jennifer Day, on the subject of passion. This is a great read, thanks for the contribution, Jennifer. ————- Some time ago Rudi Shumpert posed a question on Twitter: “How do you teach passion?” He received many responses, but most said about the same as I did, “You don’t teach passion, you inspire it.” Since then, I’ve been mulling over a
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Free is NEVER Free, Cheap is NEVER Cheap

A discussion on the importance of understanding total cost of ownership.
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Customer Service Sucks!

That’s right, most of the so called “customer service” you are receiving, most likely sucks. This weekend,  my grandparents asked me to accompany them while they purchased a new car.  My grandma insisted that they stay local,”I want to buy from one of dealers in this town because I know them and they will take care of me.”  I found myself shaking my head, grumbling under my breath that s
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Life Lessons from my Best Friend

I’m a pretty private person. One of my mom’s greatest fears is that I will move to the mountains and become a hermit. But today, I feel like I just need to share this story. For 6 years, our family struggled with infertility issues, which resulted in at least 4 miscarriages. When I couldn’t have a biological child of my own, I got Keykers. He was my baby. He was my best friend. He taught me about un
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Failure is an opportunity

Failure is an opportunity. If you blame someone else, there is no end to the blame. Therefore the Master fulfills her own obligations and corrects her own mistakes. She does what she needs to do and demands nothing of others. ~Tao Te Ching
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Mobcast: Valued Customer Service to Bagging Your own Groceries!

On todays show we discuss measurement as it relates to customer service and aspects of social media. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments as we strive to make the show better every week. This week Michele Hinojosa joins us….. so that makes things better already! Direct Download Link Podcast RSS Feed Segment One – Customer Service – Is it measurable? 1:00 – Michele Hinojosa joins
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