Building a Data Driven Culture

Supercharging Your Optimization Practice With Satellite

“Can we run 8-10 optimization campaigns concurrently?” It seems most executives must have attended the same optimization maturity workshop, as I’m often being approached by organizations, both large and small, to help them mature their optimization practices to a point where they are consistently running 8-10 optimization campaigns concurrently. What I have discovered is that most organizations are
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Building a Data Driven Culture: Marketing Your Practice

One of the primary reasons that cost centers or value centers or whatever you want to call them, are unsuccessful is that many, SEE ALSO: Almost All, of these organizations are run with the belief that their customers end users, don’t have a choice. After college, I went to work in an IT organization where I got to see first hand how this break-down of traditional buyer-seller norms works. It goes a little some
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Building a Data Driven Culture: Process Integration

Often, the start of any new analytics practice is centered around technology, I blame the vendors for this. It’s in your vendors best interest that you get up and running as quickly as possible, the faster you deploy their solution, the faster they get paid. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, implementation has to be completed for your organization to have access to all the rich data you need to start bu
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Building a Data Driven Culture: The Tools

There is a popular philosophy that many are espousing that claims “it’s not about the tools, it’s about the people.” There is some truth to this philosophy, it is about the people but it is also about the tools. As I was preparing to write this post, I found myself struggling to come up with a good analogy to make my point. I was struggling because I couldn’t find just one analogy —
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